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Indigo Stitched

Denim Up-cycled Quilted Throw

Denim Up-cycled Quilted Throw

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Denim Step Quilt

Hand crafted using up-cycled and dead stock denim. Hand quilted with plush cotton batting using big stitches and hand knotted traditional ties. Sashiko mended to reinforce holes and weakness in the denim adding texture and beauty. One of a kind, only 1 available.

Will lighten & soften over time making it truly yours. Indigo is a friendly dye and may rub off on lighter fabrics, this should stop after a few washes.

Care Instructions: Wash in cold water, tumble dry; avoid bleach and harsh chemicals as they will damage the cotton fiber. Wash with like colors.

Approx. 60" x 60"

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